"I have wonderful memories of my time at Barça. I always felt really comfortable there. Of course I took some time to adapt at first, but once I did, I learned so much. I identify with the club’s values. With how it concentrates on youth players. Barça made me a good footballer but also a good person. I’m very grateful to the club."

Urko Pardo

-Tell us about your experience at FC Barcelona. What memories do you have of your eight years at the club?

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"Barcelona have become more aggressive, just like in Guardiola’s first season, especially since they recover quickly after losing the ball in advanced areas.

Luis Enrique is not a manager who only picks big-name players or has his favourites. He has not been afraid to include youngsters in his team, even though the press are always suggesting who should be playing"

Jose Luis Mendilibar- Levante manager (via cruyffsbeckenbauer)

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"Offers to leave this summer? Barça was and has always been my priority, and the club said they believe in me. I’m very happy with my decision."

—Sergi Samper (via blaugr4na)

FC Barcelona | Hard Work Pays Off

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Camp Nou (inspired by x)

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Aaron warming up before the Dortmund match

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Ivan Rakitic interviewed by ARA.

"Fans already like me? Try to do my job as good as I can. If they think like that, perfect. Just want them to see I work hard."
"Messi has a magnet in his feet? He has! He’s not the best in the world, he’s the best in history, we’ll never see anyone like him"